The Great Peep Debate

On NOTSTRAIGHTcast #38, Becca and Joe discuss the upcoming Easter holiday, debate whether Peeps actually taste good or are the devil incarnate in candy form, Becca sees RENT at Point Park University, and a Cards Against Humanity get-together.

In the news, we discuss Nex Benedict’s reported suicide, support for marriage and protections for LGBTQ folks is falling, but the amount of LGBTQ folks are increasing, a twist in Florida classrooms, Allstora realizing that they’re a bookstore and not a library, and a coach-inspired Moment of Conclusion.

Show Contents:

0:00 Welcome
1:20 Easter Discussion
2:50 Did you give up anything for Lent?
3:15 The Great Peep Debate begins…
4:20 Joe explains why Peeps are bad.
5:11 Joe eats a Peep on the show
6:07 Did Joe like them?
7:00 Peep Gummies
9:38 Joe’s backup – Junior Mints
10:00 Becca’s inappropriate Easter joke
10:30 Joe laments about the Peep segment
11:30 Becca saw RENT at Point Park University
12:50 Theater discussion…
13:25 Becca questions a character choice
15:28 More RENT review
18:26 Becca’s theater experience
21:28 Weird stuff happens on stage
23:03 Difference between the high school and college versions of “Into the Woods”
25:36 Becca’s Cards Against Humanity night is coming up
31:00 News – Nex Benedict Suicide
35:00 Story 1 – Support for LGBTQ folks declining
38:53 Story 2 – There’s more LGBTQ folks now
50:22 Story 3 – Florida clarifies law on sexual orientation and gender in schools.
55:53 Story 4 – Allstora selling anti-LGBTQ books
1:01:30 Moment of Conclusion
1:04:22 Wrap Up

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