Our Queer Sea

On NOTSTRAIGHTcast #37, Becca and Joe discuss Becca’s new ownership at her work, the launch of the NOTSTRAIGHTnews podcast, Becca’s friend passing away, the Titanic exhibit, a dirty restaurant, friendships not withstanding the test of time, and construction going on outside Joe’s place.

In the news, we discuss Mississippi inmates suing their cellmates, an update on Nex Benedict, an anti-trans activist reading transgender fan-fiction, X reinstates an anti-harassment policy, and a whale of a Moment of Conclusion.

Show Contents:

0:00 Welcome
0:39 Becca’s job has new owners
3:37 NOTSTRAIGHTnews Podcast 
6:18 We’re boring
6:30 Actually, we’re just busy
7:30 Thank you for listening to us
8:00 Becca’s friend passed away
10:44 Titanic Exhibit
13:38 The British Willy Wonka ‘experience’
15:30 The Dirty Restaurant
19:00 19 Crimes Wine
20:57 Friendships not lasting
26:50 Joe’s outdoor construction
30:30 Story 1 – Mississippi jail inmates can now sue
37:00 Story 2 – Nex Benedict update
42:56 Story 3 – Anti-trans activist reads a trans fanfic
50:13 Story 4 – X reinstates their anti-harassment policy
56:24 Moment of Conclusion 
1:01:10 Wrap up

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