On NOTSTRAIGHTcast #36, Becca and Joe discuss the name of the last episode, the difference between a homonym, homophone, and homograph, the premiere of NOTSTRAIGHTworld, Becca’s new glasses, the Titanic exhibition, and ‘Cluck’ Norris.

In the news, we discuss the new Jamie Stickle podcast, Matt Gaetz’s problems, the death of Nex Benedict, Matthew Morrison asking to be written off Glee, Pride in London, and a smelly Moment of Conclusion.

Show Contents:

0:00 Welcome
2:14 First show that’s only on the new feed
2:40 Transcripts now available
3:30 Closed Captioning
5:33 The name of the last show got misunderstood
6:00 Is ‘lead’ a Homonym, Homophone, or Homograph?
7:58 Their, There, and They’re
8:43 We both hate math
9:53 Joe is very much an amateur musician
10:45 We both love the band RUSH
11:54 Joe’s funny RUSH story
13:40 NOTSTRAIGHTworld launch
14:19 Funny NOTSTRAIGHTradio story
16:38 Becca’s new glasses
20:10 Titanic Exhibit
23:18 ‘Cluck’ Norris
27:10 Story 1 – New Jamie Stickle-focused podcast
35:00 Story 2 – Matt Gaetz’s continued woes
43:07 Story 3 – Nex Benedict’s death
52:08 Story 4 – Matthew Morrison was almost written off Glee
58:14 Story 5 – Pride in London
1:00:33 Moment of Conclusion
1:04:56 Becca one-ups the Moment of Conclusion with an even grosser story…
1:09:26 Wrap up

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