Excessive Lead Content

On NOTSTRAIGHTcast #35, Becca and Joe talk about the final push to make sure you’re subscribed to the new podcast feed, how we feel nowadays, how we sound nowadays, Joe’s new chair, the launch of NOTSTRAIGHTradio, a mind-blowing story about medical fraud, Becca’s Valentines Day, and the ownership change at the place she works for.

In the news, we cover Stanley Cup lead content, Black History Month, A man who firebombed a church for a drag queen story hour goes to jail, Black trans actors making their mark, an update to the story of two men having sex in a congressional meeting room, the reason the spay and neuter program in Pittsburgh is on pause, and a effing’ Moment of Conclusion.

Show Contents:

0:00 Welcome
0:40 Are you on the new feed yet? (You are!)
1:10 Joe wasn’t feeling so hot last show
3:27 Becca sounded great last show
3:53 Joe changed his audio setup
5:25 Joe’s new chair
8:49 Becca’s Car
9:24 NOTSTRAIGHTradio launch
10:51 Joe and Becca reminiscing about the old days of
15:46 BlueSky launch
17:40 Becca’s medical fraud story
25:17 Becca exchanges commitment rings with Sue
27:50 Becca’s workplace changes
31:49 Joe’s job woes
34:53 Advertisement
35:21 VOXONX Shared Web Hosting Advertisement
36:28 Story 1 – Stanley Cups contain lead.
42:10 Story 2 – Black History Month movers and shakers
48:49 Eden Fantasys Advertisement
49:34 Body Jewelry Advertisement
50:11 Amazon Prime Access Advertisement
51:07 Story 3 – A man goes to jail for firebombing a LGBT-friendly church
59:00 Story 4 – Black trans actors making their mark.
1:03:49 Story 5 – Update on the congressional staff having sex in a Senate hearing room
1:08:42 Story 6 – Pittsburgh’s spay and neuter program on hold
1:13:58 Moment of Conclusion
1:21:00 Wrap up

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