Emotional Support Podcast

On NOTSTRAIGHTcast #34, Becca and Joe reminisce about snow days, Joe’s inconsistent bowling, his I9 fight, a NOTSTRAIGHTcast mug, Becca meets a local celebrity, and her emotional support pickle. In the news, Joe and Becca discuss resources for LGBTQ youth, two Moms for Liberty Updates, Green Day releases a new LGBTQ anthem, the premiere of NOTSTRAIGHTnews, and a splashing Moment of Conclusion.

Show Contents:

0:00 Welcome
1:15 Joe and Becca reminisce about Snow Days
4:38 Joe’s inconsistent bowling
8:35 Joe’s I9 fight
12:25 Mug discussion
14:42 Becca meets a local celebrity
16:55 Becca’s Emotional Support Pickle
19:04 NOTSTRAIGHTcast Store and VOXONX ads
20:42 Story 1 – LGBTQ Youth Resources
28:50 Story 2 – Moms For Liberty Update 1: Christian Ziegler
35:00 EdenFantasys Ad
39:10 Ad
40:00 Story 3 – Moms For Liberty Update 2: M4L Starts a School
48:40 Story 4 – Green Day releases a new LGBTQ Anthem
54:08 Moment of Conclusion
56:40 Wrap Up

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