A**holes with Casseroles

On NOTSTRAIGHTcast #33, Becca and Joe talk about goings on in the New Year, our new merchandise, Joe forming a LLC, a funny non-binary joke, Becca’s commitment rings, and a medical discussion/rant. In the news, Becca and Joe discuss the Roman Catholic church poo-pooing Surrogacy, Uganda’s Kill-the-gays bill, LinkedIn as a dating site, a Moms for Liberty school board member arrested at Target, and an exploding Moment of Conclusion.

Show Contents:

0:00 Welcome
0:48 Post-Xmas Blues
3:00 RSS Feed Updated
5:00 New NOTSTRAIGHTcast Merchandise
6:42 Joe forms an LLC
8:30 Non-Binary Joke
9:27 Becca’s visit and commitment rings
10:15 Medical Discussion/Rant
21:00 NOTSTRAIGHTcast Store and VOXONX ads
22:55 Story 1 – Pope Francis hates surrogacy
27:38 Story 2 – Uganda’s Kill-the-gays injury
38:30 Story 3 – LinkedIn as a dating site
46:55 Story 4 – Moms For Liberty member arrested
56:35 Moment of Conclusion
59:55 Wrap Up

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