So, it’s been a while since there has been a new blog post. Thus, it’s time to change that. A lot has been going on in the past few months, and it’s time to bring you up to date.

The return of the show

Did you think that NOTSTRAIGHTcast died?

Well, it went away for a little over two years… but it’s risen from the dead. You can listen to our return podcast, Welcome Back, Welcome Back to get more of the full story.

New co-host!

When the podcast was restarted in November of 2023, one of the biggest differences is that there is now a new co-host! Joe is now joined by Becca to give you news and views from a not straight perspective. And at the time of this article, our most recent show Fart In A Jar is probably the best indication of the chemistry that Joe and Becca have as co-hosts.

New posting schedule

With the return of the podcast comes a new posting schedule. For the time being, we will be doing the show every other week, with new episodes coming out on Wednesday.

Show name change

One thing you may have noticed with the show is that the name changed from NOTSTR8cast to NOTSTRAIGHTcast. Literally the same name, except it’s now spelled out. Confused yet? And, wonder why it was renamed?

It’s actually kind of simple: Joe got an Amazon Echo Show for Christmas, and discovered that he couldn’t play the podcast on his Echo Show (or any other Amazon Device) since computers don’t know that NOTSTR8 is actually pronounced “NOT STRAIGHT”. Us LGBTQIA+ people recognize that fact, but honestly computers are a little dumb. Thus, the name change.

So, now if you say “Play NOTSTRAIGHTcast Podcast”, it will actually play our podcast instead of every other podcast except ours.

New Logo

With the change of the name of the podcast comes a new logo:

While the old logo was nice, with the change of the name, a new logo was needed. However, the old shows will still have the old logo, so you’re just going to have to deal with that. 🙂

Podcast Feed Change

With the change in the name of the show, all of the feeds needed to be updated. You can subscribe to the new feeds by using the Subscribe Link at the top of the page, or by subscribing to “NOTSTRAIGHTcast” in your favorite Podcast App.

For the time being, both the old NOTSTR8cast and new NOTSTRAIGHTcast feeds will have both shows, but the old NOTSTR8cast feed will end posting new shows after show #35, so we won’t have to maintain two feeds going forward.

However, if you forget, we’ll post a notice on the old NOTSTR8cast feed after show #35 letting people know where to find the new NOTSTRAIGHTcast feed.


With the launch of the new name and logo, all the merchandise has been updated in the NOTSTRAIGHTcast Store. There are new logos for both dark and light colored merchandise, and honestly it looks pretty cool. And, your purchase helps support the podcast.

If you’re not a fan of Spreadshop, where our main store is hosted, we also have Cafepress, Spring, and Threadless shops as well!


Finally, we’ve launched a newsletter! You can subscribe to it by entering in your email address in the subscription form below:

Basically, it will be infrequent emails that are very similar to this post, except you’ll see them first.


And finally, thanks for listening! We appreciate it!