On NOTSTR8CAST #19, Jason and Joe discuss Jason’s new job, his viral TikTok, and where his announcer voice came from.

In the news:

A Georgian cameraman has died after he was violently beaten by a mob while covering anti-Pride protests in Tbilisi last week.

Joe Jeffries, an anti-LGBT+ Republican in the West Virginia House of Delegates, has been removed from his committee posts after sharing terrible cunnilingus advice on TikTok.

Anti-trans Fox News host and Donald Trump fanatic Tomi Lahren has surprisingly leapt to defend Caitlyn Jenner from “despicable” transphobia.

The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus has been dog-piled with death threats by QAnon conspiracy theorists over a satirical song about teaching kids tolerance.

The Vatican tries to stall a controversial bill being debated in the Italian Senate that would criminalize homophobia.

A Michigan artist and performer is working to bring what’s believed to be the first dry bar and nightclub for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people to Grand Rapids.

And a Big-Mac-inspired Moment of Conclusion.